TOUR 2016

House of Culture Ostrý Grúň *

September 30 / 11.15 a.m. / TOUR
Banská Bystrica (SVK)

B. Schenková
Two Tales on the Tummy:
Jurko with a Goat
and Of the Good One
and the Lazy One

50 min., for children over 3 years.

Music: J. Štromská
Set decoration: B. Zichová
Script, director: B. Schenková
Cast: M. Šamajová, P. Butkovský

As part of the TOUR 2016, the Puppet Theatre at the Crossroads will stage a play directed by Czech actress and director Bela Schenková, founder of the ANPU experimental theatre. Production Two Tales on the Tummy is an untraditional and modern take on the traditional method of playing puppet theatre for children. Bela Schenková found inspiration in a story by Karel Jaromír Erben, Jurko with a Goat, and an Old-Czech folk fairy tale, Of the Good One and the Lazy One, to create a story that comes to you on a tummy. Literally! 

12.15 / Wreath Laying Ceremony

Culture House Divín*

October 1 / 11.15 a.m. / TOUR
Brno (CZE)

Students of Drama Education for the Deaf
60 min., for children over 4 years.

Set design, costumes, directors & cast: B. Dohnalová,
N. Váňová, N. Jáňová
Pedagogical guidance: M. Jirásková, V. Gottwald,
Z. Mikotová, A. Kratochvílová, V. Broulíková

Drama Education for the Deaf was founded in 1992 thanks to initiative by Professor Zoja Mikotová. Its students come to our festival with their book-based performances that have a long tradition at the school. With the help of gestures, sign language, body movements and books, the three actresses will tell stories that will allow the audience to explore not only the world of fairy tales but also the world of hearing impaired.

The production of Tales comprises three fairy tales. Festival-goers can look forward to new staging of a classic Czech tale, The Big Beet, a poetic story about an untypical friendship, The Seagull and the Cat, and a variation on Exupéry’s classic, The Little Traveller

Culture House Ladomerská Vieska*

October 2 / 11.15 a.m. / TOUR 
Pezinok (SVK)

Procházková, K.Aulitisová
The Egg-Hatched Grandma
50 min., for children over 4 years.

Music: P. Vaňouček
Set design, puppets & costumes: M. Plachá
Directors & cast: K. Aulitisová, Ľ. Piktor

The PIKI theatre is one of those ensembles that have become household names in Banská Bystrica. This time, they are arriving at the festival with their Peculiarly Ideal Strolling Initiative to perform a puppet show full of slapstick, grotesque, and pantomime, which is basically a visually rich and well-thought-out surprise story about a miracle!

What good is it to have a queen for mommy and a playful daddy if they never find the time for anything? A show about a small egg that hatched out to reveal a big miracle that changed everything, even the parents! 

Culture House Braväcovo

October 3 / 10 a.m. / TOUR
Montecchio Emilia (ITA)

K. Janošková, P. Valli
Through Seagulls Eyes
45 min., for children over 2 years

Choreography: C. Monti
Directors & cast: K. Janošková, P. Valli

L’Asina Sull’Isolaranks among the most prominent theatre companies in Italy that specialise in puppet theatre in combination with shadow theatre. This is their first appearance at our festival.

Through Seagulls’ Eyes is a story of two seagulls that yearned to fly from the seashore to explore the dryland. A poetic show about friendship and getting to know the world, the sea, the moon, the stars and the rocks, the production is almost mute as it speaks mostly through sounds, music, body movement and, of course, playing with lights and shadows.

Culture House Hriňová

October 4 / 10.00 a.m. / TOUR 
Berlin (DEU)

W. Erlbruch
The Duck, the Death and the Tulip
55 min., for children over 6 years.

Music: M. E. Drelon
Puppets: S. Köhler
Costumes: G. Keuneke
Director: J. Lehmann
Cast: M. Couturier, H. Ikkola

The German ensemble of Couturier & Ikkola, which is another newcomer to Bábkarská Bystrica, will present a highly-acclaimed and award-winning production. A story for all children between 6 and 99 has been inspired by the book for children of the same name by Wolf Erlbruch.

The duck lives a calm and peaceful life on its home lake. Her careless voyage through life is abruptly interrupted by a strange chance meeting when an unwelcomed guest, namely Death, shows up at the lake. You can look forward to a sensitive, emotional and humorous tale about how a duck managed to befriend death. 

SNM- Museum of Puppet Culture and Toys, Modrý Kameň  *


Labyrinth of Dreaming Objects
For the first time in the history of our festival, we will organise a creative masterclass that will begin September 27, 2016, at the Modrý Kameň castle. This puppet theatre workshop is a loose continuation of Begin the Eviction!, a site-specific workshop that was part of the festival’s previous edition at the Radvaň Castle. After a full week of intense work, the participants will present the outcome of their creative effort on the festival’s final day.

The participants of this year’s creative masterclass will immerse into the Labyrinth of Dreaming Objects as the theme of the workshop was inspired by the literary works of Walter Moers and his concept of a large urban district that is inhabited solely by puppeteers.


Robert Jarosz, a Polish theatre director/dramatist who divides his time between working at the theatre and teaching at the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw and the Puppetry Art Department of the Białystok Theatre Academy. Currently, he is Artistic Director of the Guliwer Puppet Theatre in Warsaw. Jarosz is an award-winning director of theatre productions for young audiences, para-theatrical projects, installations and performances.

Justyna Czarnota, a Polish theatre pedagogue. In 2010 she joined the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute in Warsaw where she currently heads the department of theatre pedagogics. She is a member of the Association of Theatre Pedagogues and a research fellow of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland. Czarnota designs original projects aimed at spreading education and culture.

* Festival guests will be bussed to the performance; the shuttle bus will wait in front of PTAC at 8.30 a.m.