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Bábkarská Bystrica TOUR 2016.

The jubilee 20th edition of Bábkarská Bystrica TOUR, the international festival of contemporary puppet theatre for children and adults closed yesterday in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia.

Together with guests from 6 Euroepan countries and Israel toured 6 towns of the region of Banská Bystrica, which was the centre of the event: Ostrý Grúň, Divín, Ladomerská Vieska, Braväcov, Hriňová. During the tour performance given to over 500 children and their parents. During the visit to the town of Ostrý Grúň a tribute was paid to the victims of Bloody Sunday. In Ladomerská Vieska the Festival became local festivity.

The Festival was complemented with a number of accompanying events: an international conference Arts on the Periphery with speakers from 4 European countries (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy and Finland), a launch of publication to mark the 20th anniversary of the Festival, an active arts and puppetry studio at the Museum of Puppetry Cultures and Toys at Modrý Kameň which is part of the Slovak National Museum, an exhibition Puppet Theatre Panopticon, an exhibition in the Literature and Music Museum of the Slovak Academic Library in Banská Bystrica, and a discussion on inputs from the First Impulse.

Children's Jury that worked during the Festival and awarded the 1st prize to the production May You Be Kicked By A Goose by the Theatre of Animation (Teatr Animacji) from Poznan, Poland. The Festival was held under the patronage of the poet and playwright Mr Jozef Mokoš (The First Impulse, for children) and matronage of the actress of the Drama Company of the Slovak National Theatre Ms Jana Oľhová (The Second Impulse, for adults) and the President of the Commission for Culture at the Banská Bystrica Self-Governing Region Ms Ľubica Laššáková (Festival TOUR). Bábkarská Bystrica brought together 17 troupes from 6 countries of Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany and Italy) and from Israel. In the programme for children and adults they presented together 23 plays.  The Festival drew over 3,700 viewers, 50 local and international observers specialising in the art of puppetry.

We wish to express our gratitude to all who supported the Festival and contributed to it preparation and implementation.

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